Shipping Information

If you are using your own shipping envelopes we would strongly advise using a strong secure envelope, either padded or heavy plastic type. You will receive an email when we receive your order.  If using one of our Tyvek mailers, no additional padding is generally required.

Note that 120 films are vulnerable to becoming unwrapped or the wrapper becoming loose. This will almost always result in the film partially fogging. It is therefore recommended to use an elastic band or tape to secure the wrapper properly.


If you are not using one of our COEX Mailers, please click below for a postage paid label.


Mailing Instructions:

1.  Attach USPS generated mailing label to a 6x9 padded envelope.

2.  If you prepaid online, include a copy of the receipt, or write down and include your order number.

3.  If you are using the order form, insert order form, payment and film.

4.  Record your USPS tracking number.

If shipping to us via USPS
P.O. Box 5859
San Clemente, CA 92674
If shipping to us via Fedex, DHL or UPS
946-A Calle Amanecer
San Clemente, CA 92673

Return shipping back to you:
FedEx cannot ship to P.O. Boxes. 
All international shippping (including Canada) is shipped via US Postal Service.  You will recieve an email with tracking numbers when your order ships.